Tudor’s Trader Interview

Tell us about your background

I have a technical background with a bachelor and a masters degree in engineering. Whilst finishing my master studies I started working part time as a software engineer for a client in the automotive industry and continued working in the same area, ever since. I was always interested in investing and trading but had no formal education in this direction.

Why did you apply to Alphachain?

I did not have the chance to work in a professional trading environment, so when I came across this opportunity I was impressed with the values, the culture and the platform the company provides for individuals with the desire to enter this world.

What have been your strengths while managing a funded account?

While managing a funded account my biggest strength was patience and always acknowledging the need to improve. In the beginning I thought I might be tempted to think I am better at this then I really am after 2 or 3 successful trades but I realized how important it is to be patient and to learn as much as possible about the trade you are about to enter

What has been your weakness while managing a funded account?

Sometimes I lose a lot of time looking for opportunities in the wrong places; but this problem can and will be solved with exercise and experience. For now, I am taking it step by step and try not to rush the process. Although it might take a little longer, I want to do it properly.

What challenges have you faced? 

There are a lot of challenges a trader has to deal with and most of the are psychological, at least in my case. For example, after a lost trade in which you had a lot of faith, it is sometimes hard to open another position, just because that fear of failure makes you overthink things.

When do you feel stressed and why?

As probably a lot of trader I feel stressed when I am in a trade and price is moving against me. Although I enter a trade with a stop loss, calculated to make my life easier and to reduce risk, as soon as the price enters the “red zone” I get stressed and angry.

Which benefit have you enjoyed the most at Alphachain and why? 

The training and knowledge I received at Alphachain was the thing I enjoyed the most. Every information I received was valuable but the knowledge about Risk Management was the most valuable lesson I learnt.

What areas are you looking to improve? 

I want to improve my primary analysis skills, to learn how to read the markets better, to become more skilled in detecting trading opportunities and of course to improve my numbers.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time? 

I would like to progress and become one of the higher funded accounts at Alphachain.