Mohammad’s Trader Interview

Tell us about your background

I am currently working part-time at Sports Direct as well as forex trading on the side because this will help achieve my dreams and goals I have for my life. My vision is to give back to my family, friends, local communities and the less fortunate because I believe that is my purpose in this life. I am not going to rely solely on forex trading, I am also going to look at having multiple sources of income.

I have been trading for about 2 years and it’s been an exciting journey where at first I was in it for the money as I thought it was the only value it gave. However, I quickly realised that trading was more than just making and losing money. I thought trading was easy as people make it out to be on social media and that I would be able to make money quickly. I gained a lot of knowledge when I started trading with a company that gave out so much value not just for trading, but value in terms of personal development and bettering yourself as a person too.

The last 10 months have been life changing for me as a person, not just with trading but in my life too and I am still learning new things every day on this journey of mine. There have been times where I felt like giving up trading because I was losing money, because people had their opinions on this, my family weren’t too confident in me doing this. What helped get through this, and I am still getting through it, is having my vision, goals and affirmations written down and reading them daily as that it is my motivation. The most important reason is spiritual and personal development daily and daily habits too to help you stay positive throughout the day.

What motivated you to become a funded trader?

What motivated me to become a funded trader was the capital I was being given to trade with because I don’t have that much money to trade with right now. I wanted to see and feel what it would feel like trading with a funded account because when I will have that much I will know already what it will be like because I have experienced it. To be able to learn proper risk management from professionals is key because they know what is best, and it is a great opportunity to learn from them and take on board what they have taught me.

What did you apply to Alphachain?

I was looking for companies around Birmingham that offered funded trader roles and I wanted to do it alongside my part time job. However I wasn’t finding anything like because it was both leaving home and job or being experienced in trading for a few years. I then came across Alphachain, and that was the perfect opportunity for me that I couldn’t say no to. They had the option to learn and trade remotely and whenever I can which meant I had my part time job and I didn’t have to travel. Furthermore, they didn’t require someone to have a successful portfolio or have years of experience because you would learn from professional traders and you would get a capital to trade with.

What has been your best performing day?

In trading, you have good days and bad days just as you have good days and bad days in life, but what’s important is, how you manage those days. My best Performing day has been when I have analysed a few charts and most of them if not all go in the direction that I predicted it to go. Although I could have mentioned about my best day in terms of money I made, it is important that the strategy I use is working for me and for that I will have to take around 50 or more trades to know how successful my strategy is. This is my best performing day because I analyse with an open mind and not letting my emotions take over, and I do this by listening to inspirational podcasts or by watching motivational and/or inspirational YouTube videos.

What has been your strengths while managing a funded account?

While managing a funded account it is easy to carried away and try and make quick money however, I have tried to stick to strict risk management rule and not over-leverage the account. I have been patient with the funded account and rather than trying to make more money quickly, it is more important to be consistent because in the long run that will help me become successful.

What has been your worst performing day and why?

My worst performing day has been when I try to force trades, even when there are no opportunities. Adding more than 2 or 3 positions at a time, because that leads to over-leveraging your account. This happens because I haven’t prepared myself before coming on to the charts. Maybe I have had a bad start to the day; I haven’t done any personal development. I then rely on trading because I know it will make me money which will make me feel good therefore, I go on the charts and analyse it not with an open mind. My weakness while managing a funded account are that sometimes I am nervous to place trades because I know it is not my account so I am extra careful.

When do you feel stressed and why?

There are moments when I feel stressed and particularly it’s when I am in a trade. When I am in a trade and price is moving against my directions, I feel stressed because I think that it will hit my stop loss and I will lose money. However, I understand that markets need to move before it makes it move and it helps me not stress about it and I would not look at the trade and let price do what it is doing. Challenges I have faced in trading is that there have been times where I felt like this wasn’t for me, this isn’t working for me and that I wanted to give up trading. I have also faced challenges in my life in this journey of mine. These challenges have been with family, friends and as well as financially and they have been really tough for me. What helped me get through and is still helping me is my faith in God, because I believe He does what’s best for me and everything happens for a reason because He has a plan for me. I am grateful for everything that I have been through because I got to know God and got to know myself as well which has changed me for the better and I wouldn’t ask for it to be any different.

Which benefit have you enjoyed the most at Alphachain and why?

Alphachain provides a lot of benefits, but the one I enjoyed the most was the training and support provided by the individuals at Alphachain. As professionals, it is nice to see that they are trying their best to help individuals be successful in this industry. The capital provided was also one of the main benefits because not only you are given a big amount but you can increase that capital every month if you reach your target.

What areas are you looking to improve?

Learning with Alphachain, I will be working on my fundamentals and doing my research when it comes to news that move the markets and what causes it to move it. I will also be working on not forcing trades, because there won’t be trades every day and I have to be patient when there are no trades.

Where do you see yourself in a years time?

Finally, in a year’s time, I see myself achieving my goals that I have set and making a consistent profit with trading. I see myself having time freedom and I am giving back to my family, local communities and the less fortunate. In a year’s time, I am getting closer to my vision that I have for my life and how I want to live my life. I see myself in a better place spiritually, mentally and financially and I believe that in a year’s time it will be the beginning of my journey and I am grateful and excited for what God has set for me.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank every at Alphachain for the training and continuous support. They have been amazing, having daily webinars to 1-on-1 meetings to help us become better traders.