Michael’s Trader Interview

I have been at Alphachain Capital since December 2019, starting the Junior Cryptocurrency Trader Programme, completing the initial training in January 2020. Since then I have traded remotely, focusing on the Crypto markets through Binance Futures.

The experience of trading has been up and down, and I am slowly learning to manage the process. Risk management has been a particular learning curve, particularly using the live account. Using the demo account doesn’t have the same feel or emotional ties compared to the live version.

I have a career as a teacher (Maths), which I am currently doing alongside learning to trade. I hope one day to be able to rely on an income from trading, but this will take time. It has been a challenge to ensure I make time for both areas, to ensure I am effective in both areas.

The majority of my education background doesn’t link to business or financial areas, which has meant I’m having to learn terminology and key factors whilst training. This does take extra time to pick up but certainly not something that restricts the opportunity.

The time with Alphachain so far has been very enjoyable, particularly in the training phase. This is a good opportunity to meet other members of the team and interact with ideas.

Cryptocurrency is a fairly new market and one that is very volatile, which should give good opportunities for trading but does make it difficult to predict. The crypto market is very sensitive to the fundamental data so it is very important to be aware of what is going on and a lot of this information is not in the mainstream media. I’m glad to be involved in this area as I feel it has a lot of potential moving forward and offers great opportunities to disrupt the financial institutions.