Javier’s Trader Interview

Tell us about your background

I had been interested in trading for many years, but even more so after the quarentine due to covid. After a few unsuccessful attempts I decided to learn from professionals and educate myself. Now I have been taking it more seriously for a few months, with the aim of becoming a full time trader in 2021.

What motivated you to become a funded trader?

I started to develop skills but I realised that even if it was profitable in the next few months I did not have that amount of investment power. Starting with a funded account allows me to learn and at the same time I can get more out of my skills than with the money I have in my private accounts. It is another step in the direction of becoming a trader.

Why did you apply to Alphachain?

I found the company through Linkedin and found it very professional. I really liked the fact that to become a trader funded by the firm, you have to go through a training period in which they teach you different trading styles. This allows you to continue to develop your trading style and learn new things that you can include in your plan. The conditions of the funded accounts seem to me ideal to learn and become the profitable trader that everyone wants to be.

What has been your best/worst performing day? 

I don’t have a better or worse day. It’s true that when you make analyses that then happen, you see the fruit of your time invested in education. However, there is no absolute truth in trading and what we do is look for high probability set ups. The key is not good days and bad days, it is to be profitable over long periods of time.

What have been your strengths/weaknesses while managing a funded account?

Some of the analyses have very good RRRs, if I learn to be consistent with this type of analysis and not to rush (it is very important to work on psychology in trading), I will achieve a good profitability. So I think my strength has been the analysis. While my weaknesses, which I am already working on, are related to the psychology that has to be developed in this world.

What challenges have you faced? 

In this world, if you don’t manage risk properly, you can get into big trouble. Another challenge I mentioned earlier is the whole psychological issue. FOMO is an important and ever-present factor. Trusting your strategy and being strict to your trading plan is one of the most difficult things.

When do you feel stressed and why?

I rarely feel stressed, I enjoy trading and my trading style is quite relaxed. Still, the markets trying to confuse everyone and trying to kill your patience is the most stressful thing I ever experienced.

Which benefit have you enjoyed the most at Alphachain and why? 

The multiple seminars, being able to be constantly talking to people experienced in the subject and above all the autonomy you have, it’s a team you can rely on but the good and bad thing about it is that it depends on you. Everyone then chooses how seriously to take it and how to take advantage of the education they offer.

What areas are you looking to improve? 

As I have said before, I think the tricky thing is to stop doing impulsive things and stick to your trading plan in order to have a reliable sample of trades taken following your strategy. The market tests you several times a day and you have to be patient and do what you set out to do. Money in trading goes from the accounts of impatient people to patient people. This is the point that I am trying to improve day by day.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time? 

Managing my funded account and making a return that allows me to make a living from this and also to have the free time I have always wanted to spend doing the things I love. I see it as a very well paid skill, if you have the patience to learn.