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If you’ve got a little bit of trading experience but are currently being held back by a lack of capital then the Alphachain Trader challenge might just be for you.

The Alphachain Trader Challenge enables you to earn a funded trading account by showcasing your skill as a prop trader through a simple two-stage evaluation process.

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    An Impressive Track Record Of Trading Success

    No matter what is your trading experience is, you can prove your trading capabilities with our unique trading challenge!

    $340k p.m. in funded accounts issued!

    534 traders funded last year

    67 countries represented

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    With Alphachain Academy, you’ll have unrivalled access to expert support and a likeminded trading community.

    Global Trading Community

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    I have been trying to develop an understanding on the markets for the past 2 years now, through free and paid resources for that period, and lots of practice. The decision to join the Alphachain program was I would say one of the most beneficial decisions for my education so far. There is no difference if you are a beginner or an advanced trader, you can find the program and the network of traders a great resource.

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    Account Parameters

    Profit Targets

    Minimum trading days (there is no deadline or time limit)

    Step One

    10 Days

    Step Two

    20 Days



    20 Days


    Do not hit or exceed the daily loss limit

    Trailing max drawdown (end of day calc)

    Do not hit or exceed the Weekly Loss Limit (Calendar Week)


    How It Works

    Prove you can trade profitably

    Demonstrate that you have an edge over the markets.

    Show you can manage risk

    Prove to us that you can consistently manage risk.

    Receive your funded account

    Get access to a funded account – keep 50%!

    “An amazing opportunity for those without a good trading track record to get funded from a prop trading firm after only a couple of months…the rules keep you disciplined!”


    Choose Your Account Size

    Why Join Us?

    Global Trading Community. Join our global community of traders where you can join the conversation, share ideas on markets and grow your own professional network. 

    Live Squawk Service. Get access to our live squawk twitter service and get up-to-date news events live as they happen – the quickest way to get the latest news.

    Live Webinars. Access to daily live webinars to help improve your trading knowledge with practical examples, delivered by our management team and experienced traders.

    Profit Share. As a funded trader you will earn 50% of the profits you make, with capital increases a pre-defined target achievements.

    No Risk For You.You never have to risk any of your own money and are not liable for any losses. Use our money to make you money.

    Monthly Payout. We ensure that our traders are paid quickly, with a profit share that’s paid out on a monthly basis.

    Achievable Target. There is no time limit on hitting the 6% target, so you don’t feel pressured to take unnecessary trades.

    Multi Asset Class. You can trade in over 100 markets across three asset classes; FX, Commodities and Indices.

    Morning Market Brief. Receive our morning market brief and pre-market prep each morning direct from our trading desk.

    We provide all clients the best trading conditions on Alphachain’s MetaTrader 4 platform, the world’s leading Forex Trading Platform.

    • No platform fees
    • Institutional raw price spreads
    • Competitive trading commissions
    • No mark up
    • Desktop compatibility only
    • Customisations available


    We offer 100:1 leverage. It gives enough buying power to effectively boost our traders return.

    MT4 is a trading platform that is commonly used by Traders around the world. The platform is easily accessible for those who use windows though with MacOS there are a few things to be aware of. The latest update for MacOS; Catalina came with an inherent compatibility issue that does not allow Metratrader programs to function on the Mac operating system. Holders of older operating software’s such as Mojave may be able to avoid this issue by downloading ‘Wine’ and using ‘PlayonMac’ to install the program. Traders who have Catalina as their current operating software can utilise the following solutions: 1. Download and install Crossover; a third-party software with the ability to download Windows applications. This has become the most popular option for those who wish to continue to use Macbook for their Trading. 2. Purchase an affordable Windows Laptop/PC: This option will enable traders to run MT4 on their Laptop with ease.

    No, all traders trade on a Windows or Mac computer, mobile trading is not permitted. Our data suggests that traders perform best when they are at a computer where they have easy access to charting tools, position calculators and other essential trading tools. Trading on mobile is not recommended for our traders.

    Your login details to your new funded accounts are usually issued within 24 hours. Please note you must make payment and sign contract before the account can be setup.

    Category: Funded Trader

    If one of the risk management rules are breached please request an account review and notify the team at along with your account number. If a rule has been breached your account will be closed. In order to start a new funded account again a new implementation fee will be required.

    Category: Funded Trader

    If you believe you have reached the target please contact with your account number and request an account review. The risk management team will assess if you have traded within risk management rules during the process. If successful, you will be notified, profits distributed, and you will progress onto the next funded account size. Note if you have hit target but have breached a trading rule, no profits will be paid out. The target must be achieved with no rule breaches.

    Once you hit the target you must stop trading and request an account review. No profits will paid in excess of the target amount

    Category: Funded Trader

    You can email and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Category: Funded Trader

    The maximum drawdown (DD) allowance is a fixed 10% maximum drawdown amount from the initial starting balance (not trailing). Losses cannot exceed $1500 from the starting balance (or lowest account equity value of $13,500). It is the maximum change of equity value between the starting balance and the trough equity value at any given time on a per trade rolling basis. It includes closed and open positions. Exceeding the Max Drawdown will breach a core risk management rule and the traders account will be closed.

    Category: Funded Trader

    Due to the gap risk between market close on a Friday evening and the Sunday night open, traders are not permitted to hold trades over the weekend.

    Category: Funded Trader

    Profit split is 50% on the profits you make above the initial balance figure.You will need to meet your 10% target to receive your profit share.

    Category: Funded Trader

    While we provide funding for new traders there are several on-going trading expenses which must be covered by traders. These include price data feeds, trading platform, platform 24/5 maintenance, community management, administration and regular webinar content. The membership payment covers the running costs of your trading accounts. Note if a membership payment is missed, the agreement will come to an end and the account will be closed.

    Category: Funded Trader

    All traders receive access to our bespoke Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading technology. We provide market-leading institutional leverage of 1:100. Our traders don’t trade through brokers, we go direct to major liquidity providers to ensure optimal trading fees and conditions for our traders.

    Category: Funded Trader

    Your login details to your new funded accounts are usually issued within 24 hours. Please note you must make payment and sign contract before the account can be setup.

    Category: Funded Trader

    Profits can be withdrawn once you have reached the profit target. Once the target is hit we recommend that you stop trading and request an account review by emailing along with your trading account number. An invoice must be issued to Alphachain to request payment. Please allow up to 7 working days for payment to be made.

    Category: Funded Trader

    No, the Alpha Funded Trader product is risk free! This means that you will not be liable for any losses during the process so you can trade without the stress of losing your own money.

    Category: Funded Trader

    You are required to have 30 active trading days in order to progress on to the next capital level. There are no time limits in reaching your target. A trading day is defined by the day the trader opens a trade. For example, if a trader opens a trade on Monday, and closes the same trade on Tuesday, this is counts as 1 trading day.

    Why is this important?

    Proves to us and to yourself that your trading is consistent and reduces the effect of ‘luck’ in your trading Provides sufficient data for us to assess your trading style Give you the opportunity to trade in various market conditions Remember you are on your own journey and base your performance on time allocated to trading and strategy development. We are looking for consistency within your equity growth.

    Category: Funded Trader

    We offer the most comprehensive variety of tradable assets of any prop trading firm. Traders can trade across global forex majors, commodities and equity indices. Once your application has been accepted you will be provided with the full list of approved markets. You are only permitted to trade the assets in the markets list provided. All other markets shown in the terminal must be hidden by the trader to avoid trading. Any markets which are traded which are not permitted will result in a risk management breach. Please note each asset class will have a maximum exposure limit in addition to the risk management guidelines provided.

    Asset list below:





    Equity Indices

    US30Dow Jones
    US500miniS&P 500



    Category: Funded Trader

    The maximum change in account equity from Monday to Friday cannot exceed $750 (or 5% of starting balance), regardless if the account is in profit or not. You will have to maintain a balance above the weekly loss limit. If this risk management rule is breached the trading account will be closed.  Traders will only be notified if they have breached this rule if they request a manual review from our risk manager at the time if they suspect that the level may have been breached. It is therefore important that all traders keep track of their risk limits and notify the team if you feel you may have breached a rule. This ensures traders do not allow large losses to occur and have the ability to increase trading probability through performance analysis.

    Category: Funded Trader

    Positions must be closed during major news or data releases and can be re-opened 30mins after. An example of such a release includes the Bank of England (BoE) rate decision and speech, US Non-Farm Payrolls (NFPs), Federal Reserve rate decision etc. Positions held open during this period will be a breach of the risk management rules and may result in account closure, while any profits made during these periods will not be payable nor will they go towards your target.

    Category: Funded Trader

    To cancel you can email and give notice that you would like to cancel your agreement. 14 days notice is required for cancellation, and no further payments will be taken after this 14 day period has passed.

    Category: Funded Trader

    Yes, trades can be held overnight during the week between Monday and Friday (excluding bank holidays).

    Category: Funded Trader

    Due to the gap risk between market close on a Friday evening and the Sunday night open, traders are not permitted to hold trades over the weekend.

    Category: Funded Trader

    Yes, all traders are required to place stops with every trade. Failure to apply a stop loss will breach Alphachain rules upon requesting an account review.