As a funded trader, you will receive 50% of all the profit you make whilst trading as an Alphachain member.


Once accepted, Alphachain will provide you with a funded account to start your trading journey. This amount will be yours to trade with as you please, implementing all of the techniques you learnt during your initial training.

Once you begin to make a profit on this sum, you will begin to start making money. As a funded trader, you will receive 50% of the profit right into your back pocket, each time your target is hit. 

This is why we ensure you are trained to the highest standards during our programmes, not just to do well for us, but to do well for you – The potential is huge.


There are a number of ways to receive a funded trader account and start your trading journey with Alphachain. Firstly, you can enroll onto one of our popular trader training programmes. There are various different types of programmes depending on your interest, whether it be becoming a discretionary trader, an algorithmic trader, or a specialist cryptocurrency trader.

Upon completing the course, you will be moved on as a funded member of the Alphachain community and provided with your funded account.

Alternatively, if you are particularly advanced, you could apply to join our Alpha Funded Trader programme. This is a route to direct funding for experienced traders who just want access to the funds to trade with. As expected this is a fairly selective process.

Once a funded member, your journey beginning and the earnings are yours for the taking.


  • Earnings are endless – Perform successfully and you’ll receive 50% of the profit
  • Multiple ways to become a funded trader
  • Funded trading available for all skills levels
  • Capital increases at each target to increase earning potential