Use our money to make you money, eliminating any risk to your own finances.


When entering the trading profession, the biggest risk is financial loss. That’s why many investors prefer to avoid using their own money to make investments, but still participate if such an opportunity presents itself . As an Alphachain funded trader, there is no risk to your personal finances and we cover all of your trading losses, while you keep 50% of the profits.

Once approved, we will provide you with a starting balance for you to trade with on our behalf. Using the training and information you’ve learned (either via our programmes or elsewhere), you will have freedom to make trades where you deem best within our pre-defined risk management rules.

Any profit made from those trades will then be split between you and Alphachain 50/50. Meaning not only can you begin building your career as a prop trader, but also without the risk of loss of your own capital.


There are two ways to get started on Alphachain’s no personal risk approach and become a funded trader. Firstly, you could enroll on one of our programmes and upon successful completion will be offered a position as a funded trader. Programmes cover all skill levels from novices to advanced traders, meaning regardless of your background there is a potential entryway to becoming a funded prop trader.

Alternatively, if you have previous experience in the prop trading industry, you could apply to join our Alpha Funded Trader programme. If accepted, you will be provided a funded trading account within 24hrs to begin your role as a funded prop trader with us. Good knowledge of trading is required to be accepted on this programme, and places are limited.


There are a number of benefits to Alphachain’s no personal risk approach, such as;

  • Confidence to trade with no personal risk of loss
  • Ability to begin trading a large size with no startup balance
  • Chance to make significant earnings from 50% profitability and capital increases
  • Multiple ways to become a funded trader with Alphachain