Enroll on one of Alphachains leading prop trading programmes and receive exclusive access to our Live Squawk Service – A twitter feed providing you with all of the latest news and information direct to your phone or computer, all in one place.


Live Squawk is a feed provided by Alphachain to all of its members. It is a constantly updated feed providing the latest news and information about what is happening in the trading industry.

Prop trading is fast paced, making it essential to stay on top of any changes within the market. Live Squawk allows you to see all of this vital information in one place, allowing you to stay up to date and make informed decisions at pinnacle times. Twitter has become the go-to place for traders to access immediate data and news releases. Our Live Squawk service via Twitter ensures you get news quickly enough to act on it, while ensuring you don’t miss a thing.


Live Squawk is available to all Alphachain members and trainees. It is accessible via the learner dashboard and access is granted once you have completed enrollment onto the course.

Once logged into the learner dashboard you can simply navigate to Live Squawk and begin receiving all of the latest, up-to-date industry information and news – Helping you make informed, profitable decisions. This service is included for all Alphachain members.


Whether a novice or experienced prop trader, Live Squawk offers a host of benefits including;

  • All of the latest, up-to-date market-moving news and information
  • The ability to make faster, informed decisions over other market participants
  • Consolidated view with all important information in one feed
  • Exclusive access to Alphachain members and trainees