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At Alphachain we reward good performance. That’s why every time you hit a profit target we double the funded account size up to $1m!


We select individuals to join one of our training programmes to start your journey as a successful prop trader. Our comprehensive training covers theoretical and practical learning to make you best prepared for trading our live funds at the end of your programme.

Once completed we allocate a funded account to all of our traders to begin trading. With $20k in your hands, you will have the ability to trade a large account size with the potential for larger allocations. We set transparent performance targets at each stage. Every time a target is hit we will double the funded account size and increase your risk per trade giving you opportunity the opportunity to generate greater returns and ultimately income in your back pocket.

As an Alphachain trader you will pocket 50% of all profits made from your investments.


Our most popular route to becoming a funded prop trader is through our comprehensive funded training programmes. For new traders and those still defining their trading strategies we recommend you apply for one of our guaranteed funded training programmes starting on a $20k trading account.

Those who are accepted onto our programmes will receive bespoke trader development training and 1-2-1mentoring from our CEO, Head of Trading Academy and Senior Traders. It is our job to ensure you are best prepared for managing our capital as a funded trader at the end of the training programme. You will receive 50% of all profits while trading on the funded accounts, while also getting capital increases at each target achievement up to a maximum of $1m per trader!

For those more experienced traders we welcome applications for our Alpha Funded Trader route where you could get funded with a $15k account within 24 hours! As with those on our programmes, each time you hit your target the account size is doubled.

If you’re new to trading and can’t yet commit to one of our training programmes, try out trader challenge route to funding.


Alphachain is one of the UKs leading proprietary trading firms. Alphachain develops our own talent in-house through our training programmes while also recruiting existing profitable traders to manage our capital. So whether your knowledge is advanced or beginner we have a route to becoming a prop trader.

Simply contact our team today today who will discuss the best route for you.