Improve your trading knowledge by watching Daily webinars provided by our CEO, Head of Trading Academy, Performance Psychologist and Senior Traders.


On a daily basis, all Alphachain members and trainees that are on one of our core training programmes (GTP, ATP or CTP) are provided access to new live webinar content hosted by one of the team. These are presented by a member of the Alphachain management and trading team and cover a whole array of topics, helping you expand your trading knowledge and improve your own skills. Those on the Alpha Funded Trader programme get access to one recorded webinar each week across a variety of topics.

These webinars help develop your theoretical and practical trading knowledge that you can apply to your own trading to improve your profitability. Topics including trading psychology, technical analysis, risk management, morning market briefs, global market analysis (including cryptocurrency), as well as examples of successful traders and well performing models of practice.

Gaining this understanding will allow you to improve your individual trading performance, by applying their strategies and techniques to imitate their success.


The value from using webinars as a learning tool comes from the first hand experience of those presenting them. Many of the hosts will have travelled the same path you are embarking on, and will be able to provide invaluable advice, having been there themselves.

The live webinars are interactive, encouraging participation and engagement from traders to ask questions and participate in an open discussion.

You will experience true life examples of when things worked well, as well as gaining an understanding as to why, so that you can replicate the same in your own trading.


Learning from others through webinars can be valuable because;

  • You are obtaining first hand information from experienced traders
  • You are seeing real life examples of what works and what doesn’t, and why
  • You will see practical examples helping to solidify your learning
  • You will learn important theories and models which can be applied to your own trading to help improve your performance.