Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trader Programme

TRADING ACCOUNT DOWNLOAD BROCHURE SECURE YOUR SEAT Learn to become an Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trader on a CPD Accredited programme and start trading on a $20k trading account.

Online Start date: 02 Dec '23
$20,000 PRICE INC VAT DURATION £3,950 3 months


Why the Crypto Algorithmic Trader Programme?

  • Cryptocurrency markets and algorithmic trading are at the forefront of modern financial technology, an area we believe will dominate over the next decade.
  • Access to 35 tradable assets including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and more.
  • Having basic coding skills has become essential to remain competitive in financial markets.
  • Automated trading strategy – removes the emotional element of trading.

Why join Alphachain Traders?

  • $20k starting trading account.
  • Ready-made systematic trading strategies are provided to you within the programme.
  • 50% profit split
  • Guidance and mentorship during and after the programme to help you develop a robust, profitable trading strategy.
  • Trade remotely. Programmes can be completed anywhere in the world.
  • CPD certified training programmes

Who is this programme for?

  • No previous coding experience is required.
  • Good quantitative skills are preferable but not essential.
  • Excellent attention to detail with excellent organisational skills.
  • Basic understanding of financial markets.
  • A degree in a quantitative subject is preferable but not essential.
  • Comfort in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication.


This crypto algorithm trading development route has been developed for traders of any background and no coding experience is required. Our traders here will start with a $20k trading account to focus purely on cryptocurrency markets.

This is a one-of-a-kind immersive and structured trader development programme which provides a unique opportunity for individuals to develop in-depth knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency markets while being one of the few trading education firms globally to cover in detail on-chain analytics and metrics which help give our cryptocurrency traders their edge.

Under the guidance of your mentor you will begin to analyse various charts using Tradingview looking to identify patterns and trading opportunities with the goal of placing profitable trades aligned with your bespoke trade plan.

You will be trading a basket of the major cryptocurrency markets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and more on our market-leading trading platform.

You will receive direct guidance and mentoring from our CEO Adam Haeems, as well as our Senior Market Analysts. Our CEO Adam Haeems is a well-regarded systematic cryptocurrency trader who manages two successful quantitative cryptocurrency funds on behalf of Alphachain Capital. His experience in this field is second to none, and due to popular demand he created a unique and in-depth programme for those that wish to follow in Adam’s footsteps to become quantitative cryptocurrency traders.


Introduction to Cryptocurrency & Automated trading

A comprehensive understanding in the crypto assets to master the necessary trading skills whilst gaining strong fundamental theories. In this module you’ll cover the foundations of financial markets, how to develop a strategy and trading plan and the understanding of some of the key technical indicators that will be required.

Components to building an algorithmic trading strategy

Here you’ll cover core parts that are needed to develop your trading strategy including defining your strategy, performing a back-test,
execution systems, risk management and the steps required for live trading.

Learn to code

Here you’ll be walked through the tradingview platform, build your first algorithm, begin to code a basic strategy and build your first custom indicator.

TradingView Pine Editor

Understanding the basics of the PineEditor section within TradingView. Understanding further details of how the code operates within the editor. Applying and testing your strategies.

Analyze on-chain metrics and build a macro model

Here you’ll learn various types of metrics that we can read directly from the Bitcoin blockchain and what they tell us about the state of the market. You’ll then develop your own on-chain model in Python using these indicators to help find tops and bottoms in market cycles.

Backtesting and Forward-testing

You’ll refine the process of performing a back-test. The effects of adjusting various parameters within the code, and forward testing of your strategies.

Automated Trading Strategies

Here you’ll be provided with over 15 basic and advanced ready-made trading strategies for you to learn from and adapt to assist with the develop of your own bespoke trading strategy.

$20K Starting Trading Account

Once membership has begun, you’ll be allocated your $20k trading account.

Trade Project

Each trader will undergo a Trader Project over the length of the programme. Towards the end of the programme you will have the opportunity to present your findings to the Head of the Academy and/or the CEO and get direct feedback on your work. The topics can be largely chosen by the individual and are usually based around the development of a trading strategy or development of a new technical indicator. The project will involve:

Construction and Implementation of Strategy Code

Consolidate and review results from performance tester

Solidify your understanding of Pine script through a detailed strategy walkthrough

Clearly define trading approach through research and development of custom indicators and strategies


The application process is extremely competitive as limited crypto algo trader accounts are available on an on-going basis. Selection is based on passionate and driven individuals who meet the requirements and they will be invited to join our programme to begin their career as a successful trader.


Option 1: Pay Course in Full

  • Step 1 – Pay £250 minimum deposit to secure your seat
  • Step 2 – Pay for your course in full in one lump sum before your course starts
  • Step 3 – Get early access to community and webinars once payment is received

Option 2: Interest Free Option 1

  • Step 1 – Pay 50% deposit to secure your seat
  • Step 2 – Pay 25% at the end of the first month of your course
  • Step 3 – Pay 25% at the end of the second month of your course

Terms and Conditions

  1. Available to all customers on a 3 month trader programme

Option 3: Interest Free Option 2

  • Step 1 – Pay £250 deposit to secure your seat
  • Step 2 – Spread your payments over 12 months interest and fee free using Know

Terms and Conditions

  1. Available to UK residents only
  2. Subject to approval


Once your training is complete, you will begin your membership as a trader with Alphachain Traders.


On completion of the 3-month programme, your career has just begun. This is where trading under the guidance of mentors ensures we maintain a high success rate in comparison to the retail market. You will continue to have access to a number of benefits including weekly psychological coaching group sessions, daily live market analysis web classes and monthly mentor review sessions.


1-2-1 Membership


Virtual Trading Room


Live Squawk Service


Daily Market Report


Daily Market Conference Calls


Live Interactive Webinars


Performance Coaching Sessions


Global Trading Community


All traders receive access to our bespoke trading platform on MetaTrader5 (MT5). We provide market-leading institutional leverage of 1:100. Our traders don’t trade through brokers, we go direct to major liquidity providers to ensure optimal conditions for our traders.



You can study & trade from the comfort of your home whilst still having the benefit of a community of likeminded individuals supporting you.


Mindset is a massive part of successful trading. You get access to renowned trading psychologist with over 20 years experience, Ron William.


Get a starting $20k trading account upon completion of training with increases on hitting set targets.


Complete a CPD Certificate in technical analysis and upgrade your skillset in a combined theoretical and practical environment.


We are proud to uphold a 4.8/5 Trustpilot score



What is crypto algorithmic trading?

Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading is the process of using computer programs to automatically trade cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Algorithmic trading is a type of trading that uses complex mathematical formulas and algorithms to make decisions about when to buy or sell assets. Crypto algorithmic traders aim to make money by taking advantage of market inefficiencies and price discrepancies swiftly with their refined trading process.

Can you automate crypto trading?

Yes, you can automate crypto trading with the help of algorithms. Algorithmic trading allows you to create set algorithms or rules which will automatically trade for you. This means that you can set your parameters and then the algorithm will do the work for you, freeing up your time to focus on technical analysis and strategy.

Is there an algorithm for cryptocurrency?

There are many complex crypto algorithms out there. Some common ones include the Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), and Bollinger Bands. These algorithms are designed based on historical market data to help traders take advantage of market opportunities ahead of the curve.

What is a crypto trading bot and should I buy one?

A crypto trading bot is an automated trading software that can be run on a computer or through the cloud which is usually bought online. Automated crypto trading bots seek out opportunities in the crypto market for you to potentially exploit, exiting trades at certain times, or under certain conditions. Usually, the purchaser of the bot has little understanding of how it operates. The problem with automated trading is that there are countless trading bots out there, and the vast majority simply don’t work. Some crypto bots may also test your patience with bizarre time delays in their communication, while others lack the functionality to really help you make money. By joining a trading programme at Alphachain Traders, you can avoid these bots and their potential problems, while you get to learn and develop your own real-life systematic strategies from experienced crypto traders while still making use of industry-leading technology. This is a key feature of success that fully automated trading bots lack.