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Virtual Trading Experience with Bristol University

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Last week we ran our the first online University event of this year with Bristol University’s Banking & Finance Society. Hosted by our Head of Trading Academy, Gavin Pannu and Funded Trader & Mentor Desmond Adeosun.

The event began with a brief overview of Alphachain and its objective to develop traders who then progress on to manage the firm’s capital. The students were then introduced to the topic of risk management which proves to be an important subject for traders and market participants.

Following on from this, students were taken through a platform walkthrough which provided them with an overview of how to navigate MT4. The highlight of the virtual experience session was the trading competition; within this, students were given a short-term strategy to trade during the upcoming US session. Students selected between 4-6 FX pairs of their choice and aimed to take advantage of short-term market moves whilst having to report their equity throughout the 90-minute session.

During the virtual experience day, the team was introduced to a short term trading strategy that sought to exploit market volatility using technical analysis. The strategy focused on using Bollinger Bands and the RSI in tandem to identify potential reversals on the 1 and 5 minute timeframe. Throughout the competition, traders were navigating the 1 and 5 minute timeframe and as a result were able to place a number of trades after identifying highly probable opportunities.

The winner of the competition was Harvey who generated a positive return on his initial seed capital of $10,000 and was encouraged to join the University Trader Challenge where he could trade a live account.

See the Recap video of the day below:

Thank you for all those who took part on our first online event, look out for more Virtual Trading experience events coming soon!

If you are currently at university and would like your society or university to take part in one of our Virtual Trading experience events please get in touch with

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