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Minimum Active Trading Days

You are required to carry out a minimum of 10 days of trading in stage 1 evaluation and a minimum of 20 days of trading in stage 2 evaluation. There are no time limits in reaching your target. Generally 17% of trader’s will reach the target within one to two months, over 25% of trader’s will reach the target within three to four months. A trading day is defined by the day the trader opens a trade. For example, if a trader opens a trade on Monday, and closes the same trade on Tuesday, this is counts as 1 trading day. Why is this important? Proves to us and to yourself that your trading is consistent and reduces the effect of ‘luck’ in your trading Provides sufficient data for us to assess your trading style Give you the opportunity to trade in various market conditions Remember you are on your own journey and base your performance on time allocated to trading and strategy development. We are looking for consistency within your equity growth.

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