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Installing MT4 on MAC

MT4 is a trading platform that is commonly used by Traders around the world. The platform is easily accessible for those who use windows though with MacOS there are a few things to be aware of. The latest update for MacOS; Catalina came with an inherent compatibility issue that does not allow Metratrader programs to function on the Mac operating system. Holders of older operating software’s such as Mojave may be able to avoid this issue by downloading ‘Wine’ and using ‘PlayonMac’ to install the program. Traders who have Catalina as their current operating software can utilise the following solutions: 1. Download and install Crossover; a third-party software with the ability to download Windows applications. This has become the most popular option for those who wish to continue to use Macbook for their Trading. 2. Purchase an affordable Windows Laptop/PC: This option will enable traders to run MT4 on their Laptop with ease.

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