Alphachain Capital Trading Performance 2021



Alphachain’s Global Diversified Alpha is a systematic momentum-based cryptocurrency investment strategy. The strategy provides exposure to a broad range of highly liquid digital assets markets, yielding superior risk-adjusted returns compared to the industry benchmark, Bitcoin.

The strategy goes both long and short, trading on the largest and most liquid global cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.


GDA went live on 6th November 2020. Monthly performance up to 9th September 2021 (307 trading days)

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What is your earnings potential with Alphachain Capital in 2021?

Here at Alphachain Capital we now provide our traders with a $20k funded account upon completion of our training programme.

It doesn’t stop there though.

We also have a clearly defined pathway for progression for all of our traders.

Those that perform well and hit the pre-defined targets, get access to increased amounts of capital.

All the way up to $500k .

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How to Join a Prop Trading Firm

Getting your first role in a proprietary trading firm is no easy task. This is because proprietary trading is unique. Not only can you make good money quickly if you progress well, traders are also trading on behalf of financial institutions, which means the stakes are much higher.

Because of this, proprietary trading firms need logical, intelligent traders who can trade competently, possess good risk management and above all, have a passion for trading.

Identifying these types of traders is no easy feat either, but for most proprietary trading firms it begins in the hiring process. 

In this blog we’ll give you some tips from a proprietary trading firm’s perspective to help you excel in the hiring process and land your dream prop trader role.

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What is Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading is one of the most merit based trading careers. Its objective is simple: Make as much money as possible on behalf of your firm, and you’ll earn a percentage of it.

The opportunity to generate higher earnings much earlier in your career than when compared to other trading careers or investment banking jobs makes it an attractive proposition for hundreds of wannabe traders.

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