What is your earnings potential with Alphachain Capital in 2022?

Following completion of our training programme, we now provide our traders with a $20k funded account or a starting capital of $10k on our Specialist programmes at Alphachain Capital.

But it doesn’t end there.

For all of our traders, we also have a clearly defined progression route.

Those that do well and meet pre-determined targets, get access to increased amounts of capital.

All the way up to a million dollars!

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Alphachain Strategy Performance January 2022

Our CEO, Adam Haeems, has once again published the trading performance for 2021 for his systematic multi-asset cryptocurrency strategies at Alphachain Capital. We believe being transparent about our firm’s trading performance is important to enable us to attract the best talent from around the world.

Adam manages two systematic cryptocurrency strategies at Alphachain Capital, Global Diversified Alpha (GDA) and Alternative Diversified Alpha (ADA).

Both strategies continue to outperform the benchmark, BTC.

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Company Updates

Big things are happening at Alphachain this month.

Here are our top 2major company updates so far:

We now offer weekend trading in Crypto assets

Trade Cryptos 24/7 – 7 days a week! Now is the time to learn to trade the financial markets and make that second stream of income a reality. Our mentors and global community of traders are always willing to help at all times.

We have re-listed Ripple (XRP) trading for all traders

We are one of the first firms in the UK to re instate Ripple Trading! Ripple has gained an incredible 250% last month and our Traders are looking forward to trade XRP again.

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