Learn to become an Algorithmic Trader on a CPD Accredited programme and start trading on a $20k live account.

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We are proud to be the only established and successful proprietary firm offering a guaranteed funded algorithmic trading account to run your own algorithmic trading strategies!

Growth of Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is an important and growing trend in financial markets with over 90% of foreign exchange trading volume now executed by algorithms. Industry reports suggest the market size of global algorithmic trading is expected to rise from $11bn in 2019 to $18.8bn in 2024, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 11.1%. In a technology age, we believe that having basic coding skills has increasingly become essential to remain competitive in financial markets.
The algorithmic trading programme is designed to develop individuals of any background into algorithmic traders, where you will be actively building trading systems and custom indicators, before going on to become a funded algorithmic trader for Alphachain Traders.


About the Programme

The programme is an immersive and structured three-month vocational training for individuals who are aiming to start a career as a funded proprietary algorithmic trader with Alphachain Traders. The algorithmic trading model offers a grounded introduction to financial theory, trading algorithms, automated trading systems and relevant emerging technologies. This allows traders to develop their own systematic trading strategies and learn how theoretical trading models work or how to break into a quantitative analysis role at another financial organisation.

Using real world market conditions, our algorithmic trading programme gives a unique opportunity for individuals to develop their trading abilities, with in-depth knowledge and practical experience of algorithmic trading with live capital in a leading proprietary trading firm and online learning provider.

This online programme provides a combination of practical exercises, a virtual classroom, live trading experience on MT4, comprehensive video content, interactive webinars, alongside expert mentoring while developing and deploying algorithmic trading strategies.

We also offer additional web resources to support learning. This integrated development environment offers learners all of the relevant investment industry knowledge, including an introduction to financial theory and behavioural finance and applied research from successful hedge funds and industry leaders in the investment space.

Candidates accepted onto the programme also receive a guaranteed $20,000 funded trading account to trade with and begin a career as a prop trader with Alphachain Traders, working with leading industry experts with a 50% profit split. We offer complete transparency in targets, capital allocation and incentives.

All traders are independent contractors and have freedom in how they work and where they work as this is a remote position. Additionally, our algorithmic trading programme can fit around both work and family responsibilities, as you can trade from the comfort of your own home!


Start From Scratch

Create and develop Algorithmic trading strategies from the ground up.

Enhanced Trading

Create new bespoke indicators to enhance your trading.

Strategy Templates

Receive access to over 25 trading strategy templates to get you started.

$20k Starting Capital

Get access to $20k starting capital guaranteed.


Introduction to automated trading

In this module you’ll cover the foundations of financial markets, how to develop a strategy and trading plan and the understanding of some of the key technical indicators that will be required.

Building successful algorithmic trading strategies

You’ll cover core parts needed to develop your trading strategy including defining your strategy, performing a back-test, execution systems, risk management and the steps required for live trading.

Learn to code

Here you’ll be walked through the tradingview platform, build your first algorithm, begin to code a basic strategy and build your first custom indicator.

TradingView Pine Editor

Understanding the basics of the PineEditor section within TradingView. Understanding further details of how the code operates within the editor. Applying and testing your strategies.

Coding your technical indicators

Here you’ll learn how to programme numerous technical indicators including moving averages, ATR, Bollinger Bands, RSI, along with building basic strategies based on some of these strategies.

Backtesting and Forward-testing

You’ll refine the process of performing a back-test. The effects of adjusting various parameters within the code, and forward testing of your strategies.

Automated Trading Strategies

Here you’ll be provided with over 15 basic and advanced ready-made trading strategies for you to learn from and adapt to assist with the develop of your own bespoke trading strategy.

Live Trading

Its time to go live! Apply your automated trading strategy on the Alphachain Capital funded accounts whilst adhering to our risk-management guidelines.

Trade Project

Each trader will undergo a Trader Project over the length of the programme. Towards the end of the programme you will have the opportunity to present your findings to the Head of the Academy and/or the CEO and get direct feedback on your work. The topics can be largely chosen by the individual and are usually based around the development of a trading strategy or development of a new technical indicator. The project will involve:

Construction and Implementation of Strategy Code

Consolidate and review results from performance tester

Solidify your understanding of Pine script through a detailed strategy walkthrough

Clearly define trading approach through research and development of custom indicators and strategies


Traders are able to trade a diverse choice of assets. The asset classes that can be traded fall under the categories of FX, Cryptos, Commodities and Indices. We offer over 100 tradable assets with institutional spreads and commissions. All traders will use Metatrader 4 (MT4) as their execution platform with a 100:1 leverage. Algorithmic traders will have developed automated strategies and signals using Tradingview Pine Editor.


Ability to learn quickly

Basic Programming Skills

Attention to detail with excellent organisational skills

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Bachelor’s degree or higher; preferable STEM, finance or quantitative discipline (preferred)

What will be covered?

You will develop foundational knowledge in a concise and easy to understand way and therefore don’t need prior coding experience. You’ll cover important trading topics which include:

Learn the basics of Trading

Learn the skills of Coding

Develop custom indicators

Understand Quantitative Approaches

Applying alogrithmic systems or trading signals

Test proven Algorithmic strategies & indicators

Throughout the programme the mentoring team will be helping you to progress through the weekly schedule to ensure each trader has a proficient understanding. You will have access to our trader documents and risk management guidelines to ensure a comprehensive feedback based on trading skill and where required gaps in your knowledge can be addressed.


On completion of the three month programme, your career has just begun. This is where trading live capital under the guidance of mentors ensures we maintain a high success rate in comparison to the retail market. You will continue to have access to a number of benefits including weekly psychological coaching group sessions, daily live market analysis web classes and monthly mentor review sessions.


Our training programme has been accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) awarding body and is regulated strictly with regular inspections to ensure the programmes meet the quality levels. They also ensure that the resources used in the programme are highly regulated and meet the right standards. Upon successfully completing all programme requirements a certification is achieved.

Guaranteed Capital

Those who are invited to join the programme will begin as a Junior Proprietary Trader across all major markets with a guaranteed $20k trading account. Capital increases will be provided at set target achievements. All of our proprietary traders are independent contractors who take home 50% of their profits.


The application process is extremely competitive as limited algorithmic funded accounts are available on an on-going basis, selection is based on passionate and driven individuals who meet the requirements will be invited to join our programme to begin their career as a successful prop trader with Alphachain Traders.


Please note that the infographic is designed to highlight the huge impact that having clearly defined capital progression pathway in addition to compound growth of your account.

Whilst both traders in the example are hitting 10% returns per month, the funded trader is able to benefit from increased amounts of capital.

Traders will progress at different rates depending on their aptitude and willingness to learn.



You can study & trade from the comfort of your home whilst still having the benefit of a community of likeminded individuals supporting you.


Mindset is a massive part of successful trading. You get access to renowned trading psychologist with over 20 years experience, Ron William.


Get a guaranteed $20k funded trading account upon completion of training with capital increases on hitting set targets.


Complete a CPD Certificate in technical analysis and upgrade your skillset in a combined theoretical and practical environment.



We provide all clients the best trading conditions on Alphachain Traders MetaTrader 4 platform, the world’s leading Forex Trading Platform.

  • No platform fees
  • Institutional raw price spreads
  • Competitive trading commissions
  • No mark up
  • Desktop compatibility only
  • Customisations available
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