We believe in growing our own talent. For that reason we’ve created a unique career development path to develop professional traders regardless of your experience or academic background. What matters to us most is your determination, focus and analytical ability to make clear decisions under pressure.

Our programmes are certified by CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and are delivered by experienced institutional traders and certified financial technicians. ​Candidates that are invited to join one of our training programmes receive a simulated trading account to beging testing what they have learned on the programme. We believe that learning alongside practical experience is an important part of the trader development process.


Students are able to learn about a diverse choice of assets. The asset classes that can be accessed fall under the categories of FX, Cryptos, Commodities and Indices. We offer over wide range of assets for new students. 






The volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets captured the imagination of founder Adam Haeems back in 2017; this fuelled him to leverage his institutional trading experience to take advantage of this emerging sector and provided the motivation to provide institutional level training to a global audience.

Adam began studying Finance at Surrey University before being offered a scholarship to study at Cambridge University on the Master of Finance programme at Judge Business School. After his studies he began his career on the fixed income futures trading desk at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London before moving onto a $1bn global macro hedge fund. His interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies resulted in Adam joining BABB as the Chief Operating Officer, structuring and successfully closing a token sale, and growing the team from 3 to over 40 staff internationally. He now helps traders at Alphachain Traders an is an active mentor and coach.



Choosing a trading programme can be difficult with so much choice out there. There are many trading educators which teach you to trade without trading themselves.

At Alphachain Traders, our Senior Traders will teach you to trade in the current market conditions. You will be able to observe live trades taken place and be mentored by our Prop Traders. Our CPD certified courses are taught by traders with real-world institutional trading experience.

One of the major benefits of being trained by our Traders is the quality of our training and materials are constantly updated to provide analysis and strategies which have been tested in the current market conditions. We don’t teach you what you can read in a trading book, we take it to the next level. This ensures we can provide you with the best start to your trading career. In addition, all of our students obtain a recognised CPD qualification which can be used to progress your career in other Financial Sectors such as Investment Banking.