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An Impressive Track Record Of Trading Success

Whether you’re looking to break into the finance industry, become one of our global funded traders or improve your trading skills, our prop firm has a proven formula for success through our funded trader programmes. No matter what your trading experience is, develop your trading skills and boost your trading performance with our unique, hands-on mentoring model while managing a live, funded trading account!

$6.5m in funded accounts issued in 2021

454 traders funded last year

67 countries represented


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Alphachain Traders is a proprietary trading firm based in London. We were founded with a vision of combining strategy, innovation, and technology to succeed in today’s global markets. The firm leverages machine learning, statistical modelling techniques and other financial instruments in various short to medium-term quantitative trading strategies across a wide range of asset classes.

For aspiring and novice traders, the Alphachain Academy’s programmes have been designed to develop, mentor and grow a new generation of talented prop traders from a variety of backgrounds who wish to become prop traders with Alphachain Traders. For established traders, we offer a state-of-the-art trading infrastructure, investment capital and a collaborative trading environment nurturing success.


As a funded trader, you will have access to a funded account – allowing you to trade without risking your own capital. You will be set a realistic profit target, and once that profit target has been achieved, you will receive a profit share.

Your account size will also double each time a profit target has been achieved, not only opening you up to greater funds to trade with, but also allowing you the opportunity to make higher profits on that account size.
You will work alongside other successful, experienced traders and under the guidance of your mentors Adam and Gavin who will be able to help you build your trading strategy and risk management rules.

The support we offer to new traders is unrivalled. Having an experienced mentor to regularly discuss your trading strategy with provides the much-needed support traders need to navigate the complex world of financial markets and dominate the trading floor.

Whether you’re interested in joining our team of successful Forex traders, minimising your loss risk with our financial services, making a change in your career from hedge fund trading, or simply learning more about stocks, equities and derivatives, we’re here to guide you.



Alphachain Traders

leading prop trading firm with over 100 funded traders across UK, EU, and the US, dedicated to preparing the next generation of financial markets traders who go on to manage the firms capital through fully funded accounts.

CPD Accredited

trusted and established CPD accredited training provider in proprietary trading.

Career Impact

We are proud to uphold an Excellent 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot from our Trader testimonials with more and more alumni who are now working at leading investment banks and financial consulting firms.

Funded Prop Trading Account

We provide a guaranteed $20k funded trading account for all traders where you’ll receive a profit split and your losses covered.

Class-Leading Prop Trader Programme

All of our programme materials combine academic teaching with extensive practical exercises and exposure to real time markets to provide candidates with the experience they need to succeed.

Complete Prop Trader Development

The only firm in the UK offering complete trader development.



Funded Trader Challenge

Showcase your skill as a trader through a two-stage evaluation process and earn a funded trading account.

Alphachain Traders Funded Trader

The most competitive and fastest route to become a funded trader for those with previous trading experience.

Global Trader Programme

Learn to Trade on a CPD certfied practical trading programme and receive $20k trading account.

Algorithmic Trading Programme

Learn to develop a systematic trading strategy and receive a guaranteed $20k live account.

Cryptocurrency Trader Programme

Learn and develop in-depth knowledge and experience in a cryptocurrency proprietary trading firm.


Traders are able to trade a diverse choice of assets. The asset classes that can be traded fall under the categories of FX, Cryptos, Commodities and Indices. We offer over 100 tradable assets with institutional spreads and commissions. All traders will use Metatrader 4 (MT4) as their execution platform with a 100:1 leverage.





A prop trader tends to get funded by a financial firm or bank to trade on it’s behalf. The aim is to invest with the purpose of making direct market gains as opposed to commission earned from trading on behalf of clients.
The pro trader will gain a share of the profits and will work towards profit targets as a means of increasing the account size of which they have to trade with.

With Alphachain their are a number of ways to get funded. You are able to partake in one of our programmes where you will be taught everything from risk management through to account management.

You will then have an evaluation of your trading performance  and if you pass, you will then be eligible for funding on a live account.

Alternatively, if you already experience as a trader, you can partake in one of our trader challenges straight away. This will allow us to assess your trading performance on one of our live accounts as long as your profit targets are met, your account size will be increased.

You will be able to start trading as soon as your account is live. However, to ensure the max profit and performance is achieved, you will only be able to trade during the specified trading days.

Trader Training Available Worldwide

Wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from our leading trader training programmes. We don’t teach you what you can read in a trading book. We take it to the next level. Plus, all of our students will obtain a recognised CPD qualification.